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A modern rolling mill is installed in Odolo plant and it has been manufactured by Siemens VAI (ex Pomini), a word leader in the design and construction of steel plants.

The rolling mill allows to:

  • Obtain a manufacture of rolled products with excellent surface conditions, high straightness measure, tight dimensional tolerances (which are being checked by an optical contactless digital device, installed on the rolling mill line).
  • Ensure quick changes in production, dimension and quality, giving flexibility in production planning, even with small production batches and extremely short lead time.

The whole rolling mill is fed by a bogie hearth reheating furnace manufactured by TS Impianti. The reheating furnace is designed to guarantee not only an homogeneous blooms reheating but also a reduced environmental impact through energy saving.

All the steps from the reheating furnace up to packing area are monitored by a fully automatic supervision and tracking system which ensures the product traceability and records all significant production parameters by each single batch.

Leali Steel has an efficient finishing unit close to rolling mill, with machining lines (straightening, reeling and sandblasting) equipped for surface and internal controls of the rolled products, performed by staff certified according to UNI EN 473 : 2001 norm. Finishing lines includes also a 50 tons cart oven for heat treatment to improve cutting and further machining operations.

The supply of quenched and normalized products is given by major player in the heat treatment sector.


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