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Health and Safety

Leali Steel decided to adopt and spread its Policy for Environment, Health and Safety at every level of the Company, emphasizing the transition to a new philosophy.

Safety and environmental are integrated aspects and essential to the continuous improvement of the company and to the cost reduction related to accidents. They also represent the key targets, in same way as profitability and productivity.

Leali Steel want to consolidate and develop its business based on a continuous improvement of the organization and believe that the company’s development and the continuous improvement of products and processes should take into account the social and economic scenario.
The management system is based on the proactive cooperation of the entire personnel, starting from top management up to the last recruited into the Company. In order to increase awareness as well as reinforce the responsibility of all workers to a better compliance with environment and safety, Leali Steel is permanently involved in the organization of training courses dedicated to these topics. In addition, the company policy sets targets for environmental management and safety to be achieved and defined on an annual basis. The assessment of the status and the effectiveness of the Environmental and Safety Management System includes:

  • Prevention, elimination or reduction of risks of major accidents;
  • Reduction of risks for workers (“zero accident” target);
  • Reduction of emissions and waste;
  • Optimization of raw materials and natural resources uses;
  • Proactive involvement of all personnel, as well as a basic training and improvement for the activity required in the Company;
  • Periodical training courses at all levels, particularly related to environment and safety.

Consequently, the synthesis of the guiding principles of Policy for Environment, Health and Safety is represented by the following points:
1 . Prevention
The introduction of new technologies, production processes and products requires an assessment of the risks for both safety and the environment.
The introduction of new products, processes and services need to be analyzed from the early stages of planning to minimize the environmental impacts during carrying out of all the activities.
The goals of the prevention are the full compliance with the regulations in terms of health, safety, hygiene, environment and management of emergency situations.
2 . Communication
The effort to share the experience in the field of environment and safety is continuously intensified, communicating and involving all stakeholders.
Leali Steel will continue to improve the methods of communication in order to have a comparison between internal and external people about the environmental and safety impacts. Also will continue the discussion about the issues that affect stakeholders in the surrounding area the plants in order to provide adequate and complete answers.
3 . Continuous Improvement
The Environmental and Safety Management in the working place, taken in the broadest sense, provides added value to the performance and the product itself. It is essential to reach and maintain the results through continuous improvements based on the sustainable development of the product / process / system and on a structured management improvement program.