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The Group


Klesch Group is a global industrial company, headquartered in Geneva, founded in 1990 by Mr. Gary Klesch and specialized in the production of chemicals, metals, power and oil & gas.

Today the Group employs more than 4500 people in 40 locations, in more than 16 different countries and its three main platforms are as follow:

  • KEM-ONE: Headquartered in France and with two plants in Italy, is a chemical company whose core business is production and marketing of chemical products.
  • KLESCH METALS BV: based in the Netherlands, operates in the aluminium market (by ALDEL HOLDING BV) and in the steel market (by KLESCH STEEL BV). Actually Klesch Steel BV holds 100% of the capital of Leali Steel.
  • KLESCH PETROLEUM SA (formerly known as SOTASSA): is an integrated refining based in Germany, aimed to trade and product oil & gas.


After the acquisition of Leali Group, following assets related to special steel grades production have been took over:

  • Electric Steel Plant to produce billets (semis) located in Borgo Valsugana (Trento), formerly known as Acciaieria Valsugana SpA.
  • Odolo Plant (Brescia) owned by Leali SpA.
  • Plant for cold processing of rolled bars, based in Odolo, known as LAF Srl (subsidiary of Leali SpA).