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Since the first half of 19th century, some families coming from Valsabbia (including Leali’s) built hammer forges for metals; many tools were manufactured already in 1857, especially agricultural, such as hoes, forks, harrow teeth trowels and spades with different shapes.

One of the forge with its hammer, belonging to Leali family, has been preserved in its original form: it is the Forge of Pamaparane which has been exposed in the ‘Museum of Industrial Archaeology’ after a valuable restoration, thanks to an agreement with Odolo Municipality.

The first activities related to iron and steel work for Leali family date back to 1927 when Luigi Leali, father of Nicola and Dario Leali, gave life to a craft activity for hammer forging the agricultural tools.

Favored by post-war reconstruction, Nicola and Dario Leali began their industrial activity producing reinforced bars for concrete in the 1950s, consolidating the technological growth of their company from year to year.

Then they moved from the first rolling mill (1954) to the first melting furnace (1961), to the continuous casting machine (1968) and consequently developing their business outside the local market, entering in the field of special steel.

After various events, the steel shop and rolling mill were dismantled in 1995/1996 and replaced by new rolling mill for special steels.

The history of Borgo Valsugana plant starts on March 19th, 1979: the ownership was Leali SpA and the name was ‘Acciaieria Valsugana SpA’. The plant start up was gradual and its full production capacity and employment potential have been reached during next two years.

The plant has been subject to continuous revamping targeted to improve the productivity and the environment.

After eight months production stop due to a sharp market slowdown, ‘Siderurgica Trentina SpA’ took over the operational management of the plant in March 2000.

Since August 1st, 2005 the company designation returns to being ‘Valsugana Steel SpA’.

Since July 1st, 2013, Valsugana Steel SpA and Leali SpA  become part of the Klesch industrial group with the name of ‘Leali Steel SpA’.

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