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Klesch Group invests in Trentino steel plant

The Swiss multinational company, owned by Gary Klesch, bought out Borgo Valsugana’s steel plant aiming at re-launching its production

Gary Klesch, owner of Klesch & Company SA, stated: “I decided to invest in Trentino because I already had the opportunity to familiarise with its industrial model and to appreciate it. Klesch group already owns an enterprise in Arco and this experience confirmed local stakeholders reliability”.


The re-started steel business will be named “Leali steel” and its activity will take off immediately: on July 10 is scheduled the first casting, whereas, the full swing is planned to start in for September 2013. Trentino government, and in particular its president Alberto Pacher, expressed its satisfaction with this entrepreneurial activity highlighting how Borgo Valsugana’s steel plant is a fundamental component in Trentino industrial context. Moreover, Leali steel plant adopted environmental protection schemes making it up to date with European most advanced standards.
Borgo’s steel plant will not only restart working adopting the same production levels previous to its closure; in fact, it will also be part of Klesch Group’s plants re-launch in Trento and Brescia. The key factor for the success of this business project is the capability in conjugating production levels with employment ones, as well as, with measures for environmental protection. The provincial minister to industry, trade and craft, Alessandro Olivi, highlighted: “One year ago almost no-one would have imagined Borgo Valsugana’s steel plant re-launch plan, giving an answer to employment demand for more than 100 workers currently in unemployment insurance and facing a uncertain future. The same determination showed in dealing with this difficult situation will be surely employed in other currently on-going situations demanding for likewise positive answers”.